Write your book with a proven method and community support

Come and meet us and learn HOW at our Community Open House


23 May 2024

In this 90-minute session, we’ll get to know you, your business and your book objectives.

In turn, you’ll hear from us about who we are, why we work the way we do, and how we can support you to achieve your BIG goals and vision.This very special session will be hosted by Founder of the Expert Author Community, Book Coach and Editor, Kelly Irving.

It also includes special guests, like our Alumni Mentors, and members.In 90 minutes, expect to:

Be inspired connecting with Kelly and other authors who totally get the journey you are on

Learn why the Expert Author Community is unique, how it works, and how to maximise your impact

Ask Kelly and our Alumni Mentors questions to demystify the authoring process and gain confidence

Decide whether now is THE time to publish your book, and leverage and expand your reach

Session Timings




30 minutes Community Exploration

30 minutes Meet n Greet with members

30 minutes Q/A with Kelly

Register now and don't miss this valuable opportunity. We’d love to make your dream a reality next year!